About RISE

Entrepreneurs are the drivers of the 21st century economy. Reaching Ideas through Student Entrepreneurs (RISE) is a group of students who are interested in the principles of entrepreneurship and the possibility of seeing their ideas come to life in the future. From Ideas to Action: The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship, a class taught by Professor Johnetta Hardy at The Washington Center, allows them to learn how to think, design, create and plan like an entrepreneur. The students that are a part of RISE, beginning with those students who participated in this class during the Fall 2011 term, created this website to provide other students like them with the tools and resources needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Remember, successful entrepreneurs start out in high school and college thinking about what they want to do and expanding the horizon of their vision. Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t sit around and wait for an opportunity to be presented to them. They looked for those opportunities. That being said, we hope you can use the RISE website to guide you through the beginning of your life as an entrepreneur. On this website, you can find ways to start up your business, read about famous entrepreneurs, connect with other entrepreneurs, share your experiences and stay up to date with upcoming entrepreneurship events and contests. RISE believes that in order to become an entrepreneur, one must meet entrepreneurs. So if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


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