PITCH Competition – Fall 2015


Do you have the next BIG business idea?
To apply for this Falls TWC Entrepreneur’s Pitch Competition and the chance to win up to $300, please send us a short paragraph (300-500 words) telling us about your product, service or idea. Areas to think about include who is your target audience? Why will they buy/ use it? What need is it addressing/ what problem are you trying to solve or what gap in the market you are trying to fill?
From there we will select the best 6 ideas and those notified participants will then progress to the live Pitch event. On the day you will be pitching for 5 minutes to a panel of esteemed professional judges to battle it out for the cash prizes.
In the lead up to the event, participants will receive some mentorship and help for how to best prepare for the competition.
When you email us your idea to risetwc@gmail.com, be sure to send us your name and phone number as well.
Don’t forget to follow us on social media for all the latest updates and information about the competition
Facebook: facebook.com/risetwc
Twitter: Rise TWC


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