12 Elevator Pitch Tips

Idea Discovery

1. Structure your pitch. Remember to highlight information about your innovation, implementation, and impact.

2. Capture the judges’ attention. Start with something catchy – a rhetorical question, picture, story, example, etc

3. Picture your idea. An effective elevator pitch is illustrative and tangible; use picture language, comparisons and examples to activate positive connections with your audience.

4. Describe the problem you want to solve. When describing your innovation, convince the judges WHY the innovation is needed by clearly articulating the challenge you are addressing.

5. Describe your vision. An effective elevator pitch describes the solution by pointing out the benefits for the customers, users or members of the targeted population.

6. Be different. Emphasize what makes your solution unique.

7. Be action-oriented. What will the solution require to get started? What people are you looking for? What skills should they have? Which technology do you want to use?

8. Make your idea understandable (avoid acronyms or inside-language).

9. Be concise. An effective pitch contains as few words as possible and does not go into unnecessary detail.

10. Be consistent. One message, one story.

11. Have a good attitude. Be confident, have fun, show passion, and show integrity.

12. Practice. Go over the information you want to present to judges.

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